Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Deco Super Combo White 2020 Model
Quiet Function
Winterize (For RV users)
1200 rpm (for faster drying)
Color Coded LED Display
Automatic Water Level
Automatic Dry Level
Optional Sensor/Time Dry
Refresh Function
Diagnostics (12 error codes)
• Child Lock​
• Delay Start
• Self Clean Option
• Add-a-sock option
• End of cycle chime
• Water Saver option
• Easy to open coin trap
• Start / Pause function
• Adjustable leveling legs-4
• Easy to install – 3 shipping bolts
• Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle
• Convertible Venting / Condensing Dry
• Electronic Control Panel with LED lights
• Energy Saving – auto display off after 5 min
• Venting Booster fan option to blow air 50 ft
• Angled 45 degree door handle (Reduces Bending)
• 2 Easy-to-install shipping rods
• Built-in diagnostics
Model: 4400 N
Capacity: 1.59 cu.ft./ 13 lbs
Door Diameter / Swing: 16” / 180 degree
Programs: 14
Adjustable leveling legs : 4
Additive Dispenser: Automatic
Stainless Steel Drum : Yes
Dryer Ventilation:: Convertible - Venting or Condensing
Wash only or Dry only option: Yes
Pre-Wash Function : Yes
Half-Heat Option: Yes
Automatic door lock in wash: Yes
Door lock open in dry mode : Yes
Easy access coin-trap : Yes
Speed : 1200 rpm
Electrical : 110V / 60Hz / 13A
Drum Baffles: Curved
Washing Input Power: 240 W
Spin Input Power: 450 W
Drying Input Power: 1300 W
Weight (Net/Gross) lbs: 162 / 171
Product Dimension HxWxD (inch): 33.5 x 23.5 x 22
Package Dimension HxWxD (inch): 35 x 25.5 x 22.5
Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor
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By - Kathie on March, 25 2020

I have been wanting to email you for months to tell you how thrilled I am with the combo washer dryer I bought, with your guidance and assistance. I really am thrilled with it. it works like a charm, and has some nice additional features that my old one didn’t have—like the whole wash-dry setting. So I want to thank you again, plus I would like to hear how you are doing in these perilous times. I hope you are keeping safe. Warm regards Kathie mm

By - Honest on April, 01 2019

I bought this machine due to lack of space. I wanted something that could fit in a small space in my bathroom and avoid going to the laundry as I have 2 little ones. I was so skeptical before buying. I did my research and read all the reviews on ventless machine and was leaning towards LG because more popular but wanted the vent/ventless option. I was very skeptical with a company with not so much review but I'm so glad I took a leap of faith and chose this machine. Love it, space saver but washes a good amount. Washes great and clothes come out dry. Wanted a machine that I could vent outside but decided to just use it without venting and it works great. At first I did not like the smell of clothes when new but that went away after several washes and now clothes smell great. I never used to use cloth softener but now I use it as they recommended it and I just gave it a try and now I'm hooked. The clothes come out smelling great and love the fact that I just set once and the clothes come out dry. Love that I don't have to deal with wet clothes putting them inside the dryer. Put clothes and forget. Clothes are dry and ready. Don't have a problem with damp clothes. The clothes actually dries completely. I had a problem with mist coming from the soap dispenser portion when the machine was new but that went away. May be it was the positioning but I had the machine just near the sink and used it as a portable with the sink for months and then afterward moved it to a permanent location and it's been working great. No problem. Love love this machine. It washes a good amount of clothes way more than described and does a great job. I usually don't overload it but just a good amount and it handles my family of 3 (2 kiddos and myself) with no problem. The blankets, I take to the laundry but bed sheets washes with no problem. Great little machine. I'm a home owner and hate water bill but have not noticed any spike so I guess it's not bad on water. Uses regular plug so I just plug mine and have barely noticed any change in my electric bill. Love this machine. Look small which is a perfect space saver but strong in performance. Usually don't write reviews but this I have to say I'm very satisfied and just have to take the time.

By - Customer on March, 13 2019

So many options that my old 98 model didn't have. I had my reservations about using the condenser drying, but it works great. Just realize that your clothes will feel a little damp when you remove them. To wash and dry takes 2 hours, which is fine since I am not waiting at a laundromat. Also, the spin during wash doesn't shake my RV like we're having an earthquake!

By - Kindle Customer on March, 12 2019

Arrived on time, delivered by two friendly guys. Hooked up easy and works like expected. Money well spent

By - Jerry on February, 22 2019

I liked that it was very simple to use. two thumbs up !!!

By - Anna on February, 02 2019


By - Rated Customer on January, 22 2019

Throw in clothes but not too many pieces. Overloading is only problem. Walk away. Dry and clean when done. Venting is best. Small space perfect fit. Used for about one week. New machine.

By - Rated Customer on January, 18 2019

It would have been nice if they would have excluded the venting parts.

By - Rated Customer on January, 18 2019

My thoughts are in total agreement with the word "excellent

By - Rated Customer on January, 14 2019

This is like a little giant in my small space. Once I learned how to use it, was awesome. Set it and leave to run errands!

By - Rated Customer on January, 11 2019

Works Very good I have not had any problems with it

By - Rated Customer on January, 05 2019

Works great...good support. I really like it and love to show it off to my friends

By - Rated Customer on January, 04 2019

This washer/dryer combo is great! It installed easily and works beyond my expectations. I previously owned a Splendid model which was similar but didn't have the vented drying capability therefore loads took an inordinate amount of time to dry. This thing dries like a normal dryer and I love the fact I can put in a load to wash and dry and not have to worry about changing appliances. It's the perfect appliance.

By - Rated Customer on January, 01 2019

I love this little machine!! I was afraid because I've heard combo machines don't dry right or take forever... nope, this little machine is amazing!! I highly recommend it.

By - Rated Customer on December, 30 2018

Fitted in tiny space and runs well.

By - Bruce on December, 29 2018

4 Starts

By - Rated Customer on December, 29 2018

So far I like this machine. It runs quiet and does a good job. I live in an assisted living center and this sits in my closet. I have one cold water tap hooked up with a y connector.

By - Rated Customer on December, 29 2018

I bought this combo to replace a Splendide combo in my motor-home. The size was compatible with the Splendide. The Combo has features that were not available on the Splendide, and the cost was much less. I have not experienced any operational problems, as the Combo operates as advertised.

By - Michael R. on September, 22 2018

Silver Combo purchased. I love my Combo Washer/Dryer. I had a previous Combo for 14 years & I will never buy any other brand.

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